MET Exteriors

MET Exteriors originally approached us because the website they had was loading very slowly, causing them a variety of issues. They also wanted a fresh new look, and a layout that reflected the different aspects of their business.

Complete Solutions

Combining a product database with a structure designed for SEO proved to be a unique challenge. Nevertheless, our team created a website that satisfied all of Met Exteriors' requirements, both in terms of design and functionality.

One of the main reasons we built the Web3 Framework v.3 was to improve development efficiency for functionality like product catalogs. In the case of Met Exteriors, this allowed our developers to spend more time on internal page layouts and internal SEO.


We also helped Met Exteriors populate over 100 products on their website, in a way that would still load quickly. And, as with every project we undertake, we trained the client on how to upload new products through the dashboard.

960 ms

The Met Exteriors website was loading in under 1 second when it was hosted on our server.

9 Keywords

We were able to get Met ranked in 1st place for 9 additional keywords during their SEO campaign.

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