Insight Medical Imaging

Insight Medical Imaging provides the highest quality of medical diagnostic imaging for patients. Made up of a combination of specially trained and professional staff, technologists, radiologists, and administrative personnel.

Our Solution

We designed and developed a custom responsive website that achieves several user experience goals that their old website wasn’t meeting. We integrated a custom search tool that allows users to find the ideal Insight location through a variety of search filters, on any device.

Custom icons were designed by our team to match the Insight Medical brand.

Vector Smart Object5

A Better Mobile Experience

We created separate design layouts for desktop, mobile devices, and tablets. Insight Medical Imaging has several complex functions that needed to be completely reworked on smaller screens in order to remain intuitive for users. The result was a simple and clean mobile version packed full of information and functionality.

Careers at Insight

Through comprehensive research and collaboration with the Insight team, we designed a career section to attract more job seekers. The final product is a visual page that breaks down career opportunities into various disciplines. Each section seamlessly connects to current career opportunities.

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