Video Production

Put your business in the spotlight and attract new potential customers through engaging online video content – filmed, edited and distributed by Web3.

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Engage users like never before

Videos are one of the most popular methods of researching a business to hire. Web3 can help you articulate your message through a variety of video types, such as marketing, instructional/training, and testimonials.

Video Production

Video viewership has increased exponentially over the last 7 years. Video marketing is now one of the most effective ways to connect with your audience. With our years of digital marketing experience, we know how to get your marketing videos in front of your target audience and start attracting new customers to your business.

Illustration & Animation

If you're looking to truly distinguish yourself from the competition with beautiful and engaging video content, our work is second to none. Some of the biggest brands in Canada have come to us with the goal of creating an atmosphere and story through our animation.


Whether it's for a website, advertisements, or some form of social media, there's no doubt that there's a huge demand for photography across all industries. We allow companies to attract customers by providing them with stunning images of their products and services for a reasonable price.

3D Renderings

Show off your work on your website and attract attention on social platforms with 3D renderings. 3D renderings give you more flexibility than photography by providing a way to illustrate prototypes, ideas, and get the exact look you want every time without having to change equipment.

Aerial Video & Photo

Our specialized aerial video and photography equipment allows us to capture your business, property, and events from incredible vantage points. With these technologies advancing rapidly, we work hard to ensure we’re using the latest innovations on the market.

Edmonton Video Production FAQ

How much does it cost to create a promotional video?

Generally, the starting point for most promotional videos is about $1500 (animated videos start in the $3000 range). The budget and the final product greatly depend on the subject matter and the requirements (what your goals are with the video). We can usually work within most budgets to produce videos that help convert visitors and attract new clients.

Since one of our senior designers is an extremely talented illustrator (he designed all of the vector illustrations for our new website), we can make a lot happened when it comes to animated videos. A few years ago we completed a series of animated videos for the Ford Dealers Network (which took over 400 hours). So, no matter what the scope, we would be happy to submit a proposal for your next Edmonton video production or animation project.

What is the video production or animation process?

We start with a creative discussion about what we want the video to accomplish, and different ways of making that happen. Out of this, a script is born. Once we’ve settled on a concept and have an approved script, our designers storyboard the video so our clients can see how our concept will be realized. After that, our videographers go to work capturing the footage we need, our design team begins work on animations, and any voiceovers or soundtracks needed are also recorded. Once all of these elements have been captured, it’s then up to our editors to turn them into a video that will be sure to turn some heads!

Why hire a web-focused agency to create my video?

Yes, at Web3 we put a significant emphasis on SEO-friendly web design, but we also help many of our clients with a variety of marketing initiatives (including videos). The truth is, our team of 12 is very versatile and extremely talented. Both of our senior designers are also talented illustrators and animators, but we also get outside help with more complex animation projects. At the end of the day, most of our clients who hire us for their video work do so because our marketing team is very strong, and our ideas for the web extend naturally into video and animation production.

What is your video/animation experience background?

We’ve been involved in video production for close to 7 years. Although our first videos were “testing the waters,” our skills have come a long way. We’ve now produced videos for companies like State Farm, Ford Dealers Network, and Serens Canada. Some of our web design and digital marketing clients include James H. Brown, Insight Medical Imaging, Greenfox Windows, Go Insurance, Ice District Advertising, and General Bank.

How long does it take to create a video or animated video?

Depending on the scope of work and the timing of the video shoot (COVID-19 has changed the way we approach shooting), a video can take as little as 2-4 weeks to complete. More complex videos or video series can take several months to complete. If we are just shooting an event, we can usually have all of the footage ready to go within a few days.

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