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We help companies leverage the power of social media to reach more potential customers and build brand awareness online.

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Web3 can help your business drive user engagement through social media marketing. We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we work closely with our clients to develop fun, creative and authentic campaigns. We employ some of the most talented writers, designers, and marketing experts in the city who would love to help you take your social media to the next level!

Facebook Management

A properly planned and executed Facebook ad campaign will allow you to target users based on their location, interests, online behavior and more. Of course, a campaign is only as good as the idea behind it - that's where we come in! Our team has over a decade of experience creating engaging campaigns that get people talking and help build ongoing brand awareness.

Instagram Management

Instagram has steadily grown in popularity over the last eight years. Today, over 1 billion people use Instagram every month, and what's more, a growing majority of users are outside of the US. We can help you create an Instagram campaign that will engage users in a creative way, and convert more impressions into website visits (this is especially effective with the largest segment of the Instagram user base - people aged 18 to 24). A well-structured Instagram campaign will also cost much less, per impression, than a Facebook or Google Ads campaign.

Blog Maintenance

Gain authority in your industry and engage your customers through regular blog posts and news updates. Our writers will help you create relevant content your users will love, and our designers will find images and create graphics to perfectly complement it. We can also help you utilize your blog alongside your social media marketing campaign by posting recent articles on social media or engaging with relevant groups online.

Google My Business

Google My Business engagement is a major factor in Google's ranking algorithm. Because of our extensive background in SEO, we employ specific strategies to help our clients not only keep their Google My Business profile up to date, but also improve their rankings on Google as a side-effect. Talk to us about developing a cohesive strategy that will maximize your social media marketing and SEO efforts.

Edmonton Social Media Marketing FAQ

How do I select the right social media marketing partner?

It’s important to work with an agency that understands your business, your brand strategy, and your goals. Unlike some social media companies, most of our projects tend to start with a website, however, we don’t think that’s a bad thing. Our team tends to learn a lot from a business by working closely with them to build a website; it really gives a leg up on the competition. Outside of that, it’s important to talk to your potential social media marketing partner (ask them what their ideas are for your campaign and decide whether those ideas fit your vision and goals).

How important is content when it comes to social media?

Content is pretty important. If you’re looking for a simple campaign (to build your audience and provide ongoing “touch-points”) you may not need a lot of content written on a regular basis. However, if you’re looking for more leads, creating additional blog posts on a regular basis can help not only build up your audience but also improve your rankings (SEO). Either way, having a professional content writer with a solid understanding of your business, on your side, is a really good idea.

How much does social media marketing cost?

Our social media marketing plans for small businesses usually start at about $500/month, however, we have serviced companies spending thousands of dollars per month on social media marketing. Since many of our clients have built their websites with us, our design team is usually able to re-purpose graphics and content from the website onto their social media marketing campaign (saving time and money).

What is better SEO or social media marketing?

That really depends on the kind of business you’re in and what your goals are. Some of our clients (such as GreenFox Windows) believe that a healthy balance is the way to go. Greenfox runs an SEO campaign with us (targeting “Edmonton Windows,” and “Calgary Windows,” as well as a social media marketing campaign through one of our partners. Although Greenfox Windows gets significantly more traffic through SEO, its social media campaign keeps them top-of-mind for competitors and helps spread the word about their great service, outstanding reviews, and unique sense of humor.

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