Application Development

With one of the leading design teams in the city, we can help you with both custom application development and mobile app design / development.

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Purpose-built applications to meet unique business needs

Web & mobile app development is often the solution to streamlining organizational processes and improving efficiency. Over the past 14 years, we’ve worked with hundreds of organizations in a variety of industries to build web applications and mobile apps. Our team has experience building applications for membership management, online payment processing, real estate listings, travel/tourism, healthcare resources, and much more.

User Management & Community Applications

Our team has built a number of web and mobile applications centered around user management and community building. We’ve built community-based applications for the healthcare, education, and real estate sectors. We’ve also built several membership applications for business networking, within specific industry verticals. More recently, we’ve also launched a classifieds application, as well as a regiment-rating mobile app for the RCMP called Buffalo Tracks.

Payment Applications

We’ve built several custom payment/registration applications. One of our recent featured projects allows users to fill in several pages of forms, proceed to select products, submit a payment, and finally e-sign a form that was generated based on the data they provided. In other cases, our team has also designed and developed more basic invoice payment applications for law firms. From planning and design to front-end and back-end development, we have the experience to get it done right.

B2B Visitor Tracking

We’ve been working with several partners to tap into a wide range of visitor data sources. We can now pull this data into our proprietary CRM (customer relationship management) system, allowing our clients to see which businesses are visiting their websites. This data is particularity relevant to companies that serve other businesses (B2B). Talk to us about the various products and services we offer B2B organizations.

Applications Using a
Third-Party API

Whether your website is built on WordPress or a different CMS, our developers have always found a way to integrate third-party applications with API’s in a way that is logical, secure, and easy to understand for users. The recent development of the Lake Louise Ski Resort website tested our programming team with 8 different API’s including ticket pricing/purchasing to run status reports, weather conditions, live webcams, and much more. If your organization has a need for a third-party API, you can bet that we can tie it into your website in the best possible way.

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