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We’ve worked hard over the last 15 years to become one of the top web design companies in Alberta. We’ve served clients in virtually every sector and industry, we’ve seen the ups and downs of the economy, and we’ve helped our clients navigate the changing business landscape with sound, high-value alternatives to conventional advertising. Among other strategies, we’ve helped companies rank well in multiple geographic regions in order to attract more visitors and safeguard against fluctuations in the economic environment (more recently, we were able to help GreenFox Windows improve their organic rankings for both the keywords “Edmonton Windows” and “Calgary Windows,” propelling them into the top-3 spots on page #1 of Google.

The secret to our success in Alberta is our ongoing development of the Web3 Framework — the back-end and front-end configuration that most of our larger clients’ websites are built on (including Lake Louise Ski Resort, Insight Medical Imaging and James H. Brown & Associates). The Web3 Framework is the ideal solution for both larger companies and small businesses because it’s designed around the very latest SEO requirements from Google. We are able to install the Framework on our server in only 15 minutes, dramatically reducing costs for small- and mid-sized Alberta businesses, while still addressing key criteria necessary for top rankings. Please read further on this page to discover all the ways that the Web3 Framework is designed for optimal SEO rankings and better user experience.

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Our team will help you design & develop a custom responsive website.

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Alberta's Web Design Experts

Working in Alberta for 15 years has certainly taught us a lot. We've seen the ups and downs of the economy and have been there for our clients through thick and thin. We've learned to adapt to changing SEO trends by building Alberta's leading website framework for WordPress (the Web3 Framework). We're also proud to have worked with hundreds of companies to achieve top rankings with the help of our Framework and our SEO team. As we see some turbulent times ahead for Alberta, we're adapting our Framework to work better for small businesses by reducing costs and improving the efficiency of the internal SEO process — leveling the playing field so our clients can still excel in Alberta, even during challenging times.

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We’ll help you drive more local traffic through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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Alberta Search Engine Optimization

We have been leaders in Alberta SEO for over a decade. In fact, we've provided SEO services to some of Western Canada's leading brands, including James H. Brown, Lake Louise Ski Resort, GreenFox Windows, Fancy Doors, Go Insurance and General Bank. SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) is the process of developing internal and external factors in order to improve your website's organic rank on search engines. What really separates us from other SEO providers is our ability to provide a full-spectrum approach to SEO. Whereas independent "SEO Experts" often focus strictly on backlinks and internal optimization, we prefer to start with the Web3 Framework — which simply blows away the competition when it comes to loading speed and internal SEO. Click on the link below to see how our Framework (along with our SEO department) has paved the way for online success for so many Alberta businesses.

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We’ll tailor a Google Ads and remarketing strategy to fit your business needs.

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Alberta Google Ads Management

We've been providing Alberta businesses with various forms of digital and social marketing for over a decade. We understand the importance of providing a solid mix of SEO and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) to our clients. Many leading Alberta brands trust us with all of their digital marketing needs (including Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram Ads, and ongoing content development). Since our mission has always been to provide businesses with better value in digital marketing, we've adapted to the changing times by creating a dashboard that allows our clients to track leads coming in through all of their various marketing channels. We've helped companies across Western Canada gain a competitive advantage in their local market by using the Web3 Framework. By partnering with us, your Alberta business might be next to achieve long-term sustainable growth online.

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We Work With Everyone From Startups and Small Businesses to Some of Alberta's Most Recognized Brands

After over a decade in Alberta, we know a thing or two about ranking well on search engines. We’ve packed all of our SEO knowledge (and some very handy tools) into our Framework.

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What does this mean for my business? What does this mean for my business?

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The Web3 Framework has been a major factor in helping many of our clients reach page #1 organic rankings on Google, which has propelled their website traffic to new heights and worked as a catalyst for business growth. If you’re thinking of paying for SEO or web design in Alberta, we would strongly encourage you to build your website on a solid foundation, designed from the start for SEO.

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Even though we’re all living in uncertain times, we are proud to call ourselves Albertan. We are hard-working, innovative, and proud to be Canadian. As the world takes a break and works to innovate for a brighter future, we encourage you to take a long view by working on your business.