Solaris Canada

Solaris Canada is Alberta's premier supplier and installer of screens, awnings, canopies, louvered roof systems and roll shutters. Solaris approached us to update their online brand and provide a better, more organized website structure for their various product lines.

Geolocation API

Because Solaris is the exclusive distributor of Phantom Screens in Edmonton, they wanted Phantom screens to be a focus for visitors from Edmonton. However, Solaris does not sell Phantom Screens in Calgary. In order to solve this problem, we configured a geolocation API that displays Phantom-related content exclusively to website visitors from Edmonton but hides the information for visitors from Calgary.

Video Integration

We were very excited to work with some of the fantastic content provided by our client's suppliers. We were able to format some of the professional videos into engaging website banners in order to give visitors a more immersive experience and provide additional education regarding available product features.

Conversion Tracking

At the end of the day, the goal is to generate more online leads (ROI). We helped Solaris navigate this task by implementing conversion rate tracking as part of their AdWords and Remarketing campaigns. That way, we can see just how many of their visitors are actually filling in a form or calling Solaris after seeing their ads. This allows us to calculate the cost-per-acquisition for each ad group.

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Adwords & Remarketing

During the setup and configuration of the Solaris AdWords campaign, we paid close attention to their various product lines and the different ways that visitors were currently finding their website. We also configured remarketing (banner ad) groups for each product category. That way, if a user searches for "awnings," on Google, they will see banner ads from Solaris featuring offers specific to awnings.

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