Think social media isn’t for you? Think again.

We’ve all been living with social media for over a decade now. Really, almost two decades, depending on what you consider to have been the first platform. Point being, nothing exists that long without evolving. But the users have also evolved, once only posting selfies and memes. Now, they've grown into sophisticated, tech-savvy project leads and purchasing managers. These days, they can find your products through LinkedIn, which is also an essential resource when hiring. Looking to connect with parents and families? Pinterest is a great option.

And that’s the truly important thing to remember about social media — that, regardless of the product or service you provide or what you’re trying to accomplish with your business, there’s a social media platform you really need to be exploiting. Whether it’s in B2B marketing, selling to customers directly online, or in connecting with stakeholders, don’t underestimate the power of social media in helping your business achieve its goals.

However, with so many options, it can be difficult to manage a social media campaign effectively. That’s why Web3 offers three new social media packages to help you capitalize on these powerful for advertising and customer interaction. We’ll create and post content on your behalf, tailored specifically for your customers and target audiences.


Web3 offers a 3-point guarantee:

  1. Facebook Audience Growth Guarantee: Despite the proliferation of different social media channels, Facebook remains the undisputed champion of the social media environment. All our packages come with a built-in Facebook advertising budget to garner likes and leads.
  2. SEO Improvement Guarantee: The increasing importance of social media interactivity to audiences is making a strong social media presence more important than ever to search results. A dynamic social media campaign also helps create links and current content, which in turn helps improve social rankings.
  3. Website Traffic Increase Guarantee: Improved social media naturally leads to improved website traffic, helping draw in audiences from outside traditional web searching, and providing interested parties an easier way of finding your products and services or discovering your company.


Want to learn more? Contact us today about our three new social media packages, and start taking advantage of the power of social media.

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