The world of online marketing is continuously changing

Nowhere is this statement more accurate than when it comes to social media. Social media marketing can create powerful returns when tightly executed, but its ever-evolving nature makes managing it properly incredibly important. There was a time when social media consisted merely of Facebook and a few other sharing sites that have since sunk into obscurity. Nowadays, social media users have their choice of a plethora of platforms in which to interact with their favourite brands and businesses.


That’s why we created three new social media packages to help our clients grow their brand online

These packages have been professionally designed to deliver the most impact for your social marketing dollar, and come with the confidence of knowing your social media presence is being managed by a top-ranked web design and marketing agency.


They come with these 3 guarantees:

  1. Facebook Audience Growth Guarantee: Despite the proliferation of different social media channels, Facebook remains the undisputed champion of the social media environment. All our packages come with a built-in Facebook advertising budget to garner likes and leads.
  2. SEO Improvement Guarantee: The increasing importance of social media interactivity to audiences is making a strong social media presence more important than ever to search results. A dynamic social media campaign also helps create links and current content, which in turn helps improve social rankings.
  3. Website Traffic Increase Guarantee: Improved social media naturally leads to improved website traffic, helping draw in audiences from outside traditional web searching, and providing interested parties an easier way of finding your products and services or discovering your company.


Social media is more than just another channel for communicating your message, though. The proliferation of social media platforms helps your message target specific audiences. Looking for a younger crowd? Snapchat is your platform. Are you marketing business-to-business? LinkedIn is where you should be posting. Social media is a means of connecting and interacting with your customers, helping secure repeat business and brand loyalty. Having a dedicated team manage your social media means your online presence grows and helps find new leads without having to spend time online when you could be using it to serve customers.


Contact us today to learn more about our new social media maintenance packages.

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