What exactly do faster website loading speeds help with?

One of the most critical elements to making sure your website ranks well on Google (or any search engine) is to have a fast loading web page that serves content to users quickly. Remember, search engines aren’t trying to serve you; they’re trying to serve their users, and users want fast loading websites that provide them with information quickly and efficiently.


3 benefits of speedy loading times

  1. User Experience and page bounce rates: Users don’t want to sit at their computer tapping their toes waiting for a page to load. Make them wait too long, and they’ll just click off to the next website on the list. Slow loading pages are one of the main causes of higher page abandonment rates, while pages that load quickly get and keep more traffic.
  2. Indexation of pages: Having your website indexed is a critical part of getting it to rank well, but even Google doesn’t have time to crawl a library of slow loading pages. There’s only so much time search engine crawlers will spend on your website, and if it’s all spent loading, fewer of your pages will be indexed. Faster loading websites will be crawled more thoroughly, and indexed more often, resulting in higher rankings and more traffic.
  3. Cart abandonment and trust: Slow websites are particularly problematic for e-commerce. When a website takes a long time to load the next page or process a request, it understandably makes the customer concerned about the accuracy of the processing or the security of the transaction. For e-commerce websites, a slow website doesn’t just cause page abandonment; it can cause cart abandonment, lost sales, and serious damage to the brand integrity — all of which ultimately hurt the bottom line.


It isn’t hard to understand why Google and other major search engines don’t want to serve slow websites to users. If the websites a search engine suggests load slowly, it could reflect poorly on the search engine and encourage users to search elsewhere. That’s why it’s so important to ensure your website is optimized for speed and hosted on a properly configured data centre that serves it up immediately, like the one used by Web3. Getting your website onto users’ screens as quickly as possible is an absolutely critical element of your website’s success and an essential part of any SEO program.


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