Our brand new website is coming!

A few months back, we brought you the news that Web3 had started work on a new website, and we’re pleased to report that things are coming along well. We’re refreshing our look and our brand and we’re stoked to be able to show off the final results soon. Of course, we’re only going to put our best foot forward, and our current website has served us well for years already, so we’re taking our time to make sure we get things just right. That means expanding the scope while still streamlining the experience, not just more media, but better media — plus, a complete list of all our new services.


An expanded, yet streamlined experience.

The new Web3 website is bigger and better than ever before. We’ve completely overhauled virtually every aspect, but always with a keen eye on improving user experience and information accessibility. Elegant design that draws the eye smoothly across the page, and through easy transitions, makes for a new and improved user experience.


More media. Better media.

The online world is becoming increasingly image and video-oriented. We’re taking this opportunity to really highlight our photography, video, and animation services with all-new imagery to enrich the visitor’s experience.


New, broader service offering.

Web design and online marketing are always evolving, and we’ve been happy to evolve along with it, adding new services over the years to meet our clients' increasingly complex marketing needs. Social media management, aerial photography and video, and illustration services have all had a home at Web3 for some time now, and our new website is finally giving these services the place they deserve!


That’s about all we can reveal for now, except to add that we’re getting close! We’re putting the finishing touches on the design and smoothing out a few last rough edges, but soon we’ll be ready to unveil. Look for the new Web3 website to be up soon. We're excited to show you what we’ve been up to.

Anton Vasiliv
201 3204 Parsons Rd NW
Edmonton, AB, T6N 1M2 CAD