Staying On Top of SEO

Staying On Top of SEO

Mar 30
2016 seo
March 30, 2016

For many, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is often thought of as a nebulous process that no one really understands. After all, SEO is perpetually evolving. Google may only occasionally release large updates to its search algorithms that are worthy of coverage, but it also releases hundreds of minor updates every year. This means SEO is a constantly shifting target. It also makes staying up to date the on the latest best practices an absolutely critical part of any effective SEO program.

That’s why we’ve updated and improved our SEO processes to ensure our clients are being seen by as many customers as possible, and continue to drive traffic to their websites and generate more leads. Here’s just a quick overview:

  • Visible citations start building value immediately rather than requiring a lengthy verification process that can sometimes take weeks to complete yet provide only minimal SEO value. As your website becomes recognized by others as a go-to source for information, search engines become more confident in serving your page as a result to their readers. 
  • Don’t be duped by SEO companies the just build any old link thinking quantity will trump quality. Search Engines are getting smarter every day, and having quality content with targeted keywords in your citations help build more authority quickly, especially for clients and customers searching locally and across Western Canada.


  • All of our SEO Clients are being migrated to a new, more reliable server in a Canadian data centre that’s been optimized for even faster loading times. Search engines universally love fast loading websites that can serve content to their users quickly and efficiently.

Search engine optimization requires staying ahead of the latest techniques and tactics, but it shouldn’t be nebulous or head scratching. SEO processes are concrete and quantifiable, even though they’re always changing and upgrading. Whether it’s in terms of your website’s loading speed, citation quality, or performance measures, you need an SEO program that stays on top of all the critical best practices.

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