It's always nice to close out the year with a string of successes.

For example, not only is it a great way to ring in the holiday season, but it's also nice to carry momentum into the new year.
Web3 is proud to have ended our year on a real bang. We went from huge projects (like a complete redesign for the Alberta Retired Teachers’ Association and a whole new website for the Northern Lakes College Students’ Association) to partnering with local small businesses to find new ways to reach out to customers and generate more leads.


Web3 is proud to have worked alongside these great clients:

  • Encore and Signature Tower
  • Mortgage Force
  • Shawn Kroeker Inspections
  • Preferred Immigration
  • Zemclean
  • Burst Energy


In the last quarter alone, we successfully launched all of these websites. Our clients now have a new way to find customers and provide better access to products and services. What's more, these businesses are in wildly different industries, demanding projects of vastly different scales, which is something that makes us particularly proud. Whether it’s real estate, energy, or custodial services, we’ve managed to find success in every field. And we'll continue to help our clients climb the ranks and find their way to page one with our SEO packages. But more than anything, we look forward to seeing what we'll achieve together in the new year.


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