Fifendekel gets a fresh, tasty new look

We get to work with a lot of great companies here at Web3, and we’re proud of the work we put into them all. But we target precisely, so you may not hear about Empire Line Locating until you’re ready to dig or discover Plumb Boss until the moment you’re googling Edmonton plumbers. But there is one client of ours whose name is on everyone’s lips — and we mean that literally.


Fifendekel is practically a household name in Edmonton and has been a local lunch destination –nay, institution– for over twenty years.

Their stacked sandwiches, homestyle soups, and beautiful home-baked pies have earned them a reputation for excellence, and that means they needed a website to match.


Building a website for an iconic Edmonton eatery is no simple task. Fifendekel is so much more than just a lunchtime treat. Their four different locations feature an expansive menu, catering services, daily specials, a breakfast menu, and even delivery services. Siloing that much information, organizing it all on the page into an easily-digestible fashion (and stopping your photographer from devouring everything he’s supposed to shoot) makes for a challenging but satisfying project.


Take a look for yourself by swinging by and taking a peek at their daily specials, pie-of-the-month, and catering menu. We think you’ll see Web3 put the same dedication and passion into their website that Ann and Gordon have been putting into their homestyle pies for the last 20 years...

...that is, if you can keep your mouth from watering!

Anton Vasiliv
201 3204 Parsons Rd NW
Edmonton, AB, T6N 1M2 CAD