The future of online marketing has officially arrived

As we move deeper into 2014, certain digital marketing trends are becoming apparent. We wanted to make a list of three distinct changes that you can keep a close eye on.


Follow the Social Trend

In 2013, the importance of social media in determining your organic Google rank grew significantly. You can expect this trend to continue in 2014. That means you’ll need to make a conscious effort to devote resources to maintaining your social media presence. Likes, shares, and plus-ones are all signals that tell Google your customers are engaged with your organization through social media. 


Pay Attention to Mobile

In 2014, you can expect that Google will continue to put more and more emphasis on your website’s mobile presence. It’s been a while since Google announced that mobile will be a factor in search ranking. Now, optimizing your mobile presence is the name of the game. That means developing better content for your mobile website, optimizing its loading speed, and allowing users to easily access more website content from their mobile devices.


Develop Better Links

Inbound links (links from other websites to yours) are still a dominant factor in search ranking. Several of Google’s updates have dramatically changed the way that links will be developed in the future. Many websites were penalized for developing links in an artificial way, in an attempt to manipulate their organic rank. In 2014, you can expect this trend to continue. Higher quality, relevant links will have a positive impact, while low-quality, “spammy” links will become more and more of a liability.


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