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We provide legal marketing services to some of the leading law firms in Western Canada, including James H. Brown, Ogilive LLP and Brown Law Group. We specialize in web design and search engine optimization for lawyers and law firms. Take a look at some of our legal client case studies and find out why we're the top choice when it comes to legal web design & SEO.

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Helping law firms target various niche keywords is something we have a lot of experience with. Many of our legal SEO clients rank within the top 3 organic results on Google for keywords related to their specialized areas of practice, such as "injury lawyers," "divorce lawyers," or "real estate lawyers." Our experience working with lawyers and law firms helps us immensely when we take on new web design or SEO campaigns for law firms in other cities. We work with specialized legal writers and utilize a network of industry-relevant websites to help build authoritive websites for our legal clients. We are ready to help you get to page #1 in your city for your legal keywords, no matter how competitive a market you're in.

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Ranking well for competitive keywords like "Injury Lawyers" is no easy task. In fact, legal keywords are some of the most competitive in the SEO world. Our core philosophy is to provide our clients every advantage we can, which is why we've introduced the latest version of our SEO-focused WordPress framework.

Our Web3 Framework is specifically built to provide many SEO advantages for law firms, all through one simple install. Our Framework also supercharges WordPress to speeds between 500 and 900 milliseconds (most WordPress websites load in 2-4 seconds) which helps with both user experience as well as SEO.

5 Reasons
Law Firms Love Us

01. Specialists in Legal SEO+

Although the basic principles of SEO are consistent across every industry, the process of building legal content and finding legal citations is a specialty we've perfected over time. Not only do we have nearly fifteen years of experience in web design and SEO, but we also have years of experience working with lawyers and law firms. Furthermore, many of our legal clients rank in first place or within the top 3 organic results for some of the most competitive legal keywords in our city.

02. Your Firm's Secret Weapon+

Our success in helping some of Edmonton's top law firms with web design & SEO has inspired us to expand our client base by offering our services to law firms in the U.S. and beyond. If you choose to hire us, we can pledge to work with you, exclusively, to target your specialized practice areas in your city, through SEO. We've helped many law firms and small businesses rank on page #1 — see what we can do for you!

03. Better Prices in Canadian Dollars+

With the current strength of the American dollar, firms in the U.S save roughly 25% by working with a Canadian company. We're certainly not here to compete on price alone, but the savings are hard to ignore when hiring a Canadian web design/SEO agency.

04. Google Premiere Partner+

This is a fancy way of saying that we're very good at managing AdWords campaigns. Two of our team members are fully AdWords certified, and several more have years of experience running AdWords campaigns for local businesses. If you want to discover new ways to get your law firm noticed, talk to one of our digital marketing experts!

05. SEO-Centric WordPress Framework+

We know we've already mentioned the Web3 Framework, but that's because it's really worth talking about. Many companies (not just law firms) have achieved #1 ranking on Google for their top targeted keywords by building their website with the Web3 Framework (you can see examples on our SEO services page). And, because it's built on WordPress, you also have the flexibility of hosting your website yourself or through a third party. Find out more about our Framework by clicking on "Services" and "Web Design" at the top of your screen.

Legal SEO Success Stories

Law Group Ogilvie LLP

Ogilvie LLP

DDB Canada approached us in 2018 to help with the development of the new Ogilvie website. We were thrilled for the opportunity to collaborate with one of the world's premier marketing agencies to build a truly innovative website for a fantastic brand.

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Edmonton Divorce Lawyers Brown Law Group

Brown Law Group

We originally built the Brown Law Group website in 2017. We recently began an SEO campaign for them - within only 3 months we helped improve their rankings for "Edmonton Divorce Lawyers," from page #6 to page #1 of Google.

176% Increase in traffic

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Deborah R. Hatch Criminal Law

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