We have been one of Edmonton’s leading web design agencies for over 10 years. We build websites that deliver high traffic and generate more leads.

For over ten years, Web3 has been Edmonton’s web design specialists, offering online marketing, SEO, branding and video production under one roof. We’ve worked with hundreds of organizations in virtually every industry. Featuring Canadian talent with no outsourcing, our dedication and passion have earned us a 98.8% customer satisfaction rating. Most importantly, we build websites that generate results.

Our Refined Approach

Item No.01. Learn

Great web design is at the heart of any effective online advertising campaign. Our refined approach helps you turn more of your website traffic into leads.

Item No.02. Research

We proceed to research your industry to determine which keywords will yield the highest ROI & conversion rates.

Item No.03. Pinpoint

After researching your industry, we begin to narrow down and refine the information, style and focus that is most appropriate for your website.

Item No.04. Develop

After we have a comprehensive plan, our designers go to work to develop a website design that is perfectly tailored for your business.

Item No.05. Deploy

We build your website on a temporary server to ensure that everything functions as it should and all key information is in place prior to the launch.

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Built to Bring in the Right Traffic

We create websites well-positioned for our clients’ businesses. We determine the keywords searched by our clients’ target audience and competitors, then refine the possibilities down to those that are most relevant, most searched and least competitive.

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Built for Easy Maintenance

All our websites are easy to maintain. They’re built with a content-management system that is user-friendly, while our staff provide instruction at turnover so you can keep your website up to date, and offer telephone support.

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Developing Quality Content

In order to be effective, content must be informative and useful to your audience, well-organized and easy to read, and contain relevant search terms in the right positions and density. Our skilled content strategists would be happy to discuss your project, so give us a call to learn more.

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Our Refined Process

First, an in-depth client analysis gathers key information about your market, advantages and competitors. Next, we research which keywords will yield the best conversions and refine the information into a comprehensive plan to develop a website tailored for your business.

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