Get creative with your content and earn more traffic with less effort

Too often, businesses are so focused on generating new and up-to-date content that they overlook the content they already have sitting dormant in their business blog archives - an oversight that could be costing them valuable engagement. While time-sensitive and relevant content will always remain a priority, it is amazing what repurposing content can do to boost your click-through rate and get more people interacting with your brand. But what strategy should you take when it comes to producing recycled content? And what are the best practices for repurposing content that you have already posted to the web? We answer these questions in detail in this article.


Here are Our 3 Secrets for Increasing Exposure With Recycled Content

  1. Repackage Your Most Popular Posts From the Past: Do you have a blog that went viral last year? Or a social media post that outperformed all your other posts? It’s time to check your analytics. Don’t let business blogging content that packed a punch in the past die without seeing the light of day again. Instead, repackage your content by tweaking dates, adding in some brief sentences that provide a fresh perspective, or including any relevant information that has transpired since the original posting date. Then think of a clever way to repost it with a new twist. For example, If you are a bakery that posted a blog about how to make the perfect Thanksgiving stuffing last year, why not tweak the recipe, add in some new and updated tips, re-optimize for SEO, and share it again with a jazzy new title? Maybe something like this: “Our New and Improved Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipe!” The more tweaks you make to your content, the more relevant and click-worthy it will be to your readers. Trust us, this is one of the tips you won’t want to forget about.
  2. Do it Again in a Different Format: This is one of the most valuable content marketing tips you’ll need when it comes to making the most out of old posts. It’s also a fantastic way to drum up more brand awareness with the materials you already have. Let’s just say you are a cupcake shop, and you have a series of blog posts that you shared last year about making various types of frosting. Instead of simply re-posting those gems across social media, why not take each blog post and film a video demonstrating what you originally wrote about in your post? Video content is highly engaging, especially on social media, where they produce 1200 percent more shares than text and images combined. Repurposing content into a different format is an excellent way to bring new eyes and added excitement to your business without dedicating the time and energy required to come up with something from scratch.
  3. Give Your Internal Data a Purpose: This is a strategy that often seems so obvious after it’s revealed, yet so many businesses fail to do it. Think about it: every month, your business gathers information about how your projects are coming along, how many customers you’ve served, areas where you have improved, and metrics that give you a better understanding of where your business stands. Yet all of this data never really goes anywhere, with the exception of client reports or internal strategy documents. So, what can you do with all the data you’re gathering on a regular basis anyway? Turn it into case studies to share with your online followers! Believe it or not, case studies don’t have to be extensive and content-heavy to be effective. Simply posting about a trend you have noticed, or a lesson your company has learned with supporting data is enough to attract new readers and breathe fresh life into your blog.


We recommend reading this Hubspot post on creating case studies to learn more about incorporating this technique into your marketing strategy. And there you have it! Our three secrets for increasing exposure with recycled content.


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