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Keyword Market Research
This is a key first step in today’s marketing world. Many people emphasize rankings (how high your company ranks on Google), however, the question must be asked: what are you trying to rank for? We provide our clients with a thorough report that analyzes competitors, search volume, and competition score in order to determine which keywords will deliver the largest number of targeted leads.

Strategic Content Writing
In order for the derived keywords to be effective, they must be used in the right density throughout the content. We have a skilled content strategist on staff to help our clients create content that meets this requirement and sounds great. If a company tells you that you have to submit your own content, you are speaking with a company that is not concerned with how well your website ranks.

Search Engine Optimization
After the content is written, we proceed with optimizing the structure of the website. This involves many aspects including website structure, content placement, name of page titles, keyword placement in headings and much more. We use an SEO analysis tool to test each page and make suggestions on possible improvements. Edmonton Marketing, much like all of local marketing, has been in a constant flux over the past few years. As such, we are constantly striving to keep up on and inform our clients of the latest developments to local marketing.

Online Advertising
The next step after determining the most effective keywords is to advertise the website online. We implement several different online advertising strategies that are tailored towards each individual client. We help our clients develop regional targeting strategies, inbound link building, news releases, blog posts and authority building.

Online Marketing
We help our clients with all forms of online marketing. This includes PPC (Adwords) Maintenance, Banner Marketing, Facebook Advertising and Email Marketing. The unique set of online marketing services we recommend greatly depends on the clients target market as well as their desired geographic reach.

Marketing in Edmonton has changed a great deal in the last ten years. For example, 50% of the people doing a search on their smart phone are looking for a local business. As a result, it is becoming increasingly more important to have a strong local online presence. Contact us to discuss your Edmonton Marketing strategy, it’s free to talk!

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