Understanding the benefits of agile marketing

Understanding the benefits of agile marketing

Aug 22
Benefits of agile marketing
August 22, 2017

In our last blog we focused on the values of agile marketing, and in this post we’ll explain how these values translate into benefits for yourself and your company. Agile marketing guru Jim Ewel touches on four of those main benefits.

Benefits of agile marketing

As a result of these six values, there are four important benefits to agile marketing.

1: Getting more done

As someone who’s taught a lot of teams agile marketing, Ewel says they get about 30% to 40% more done with agile marketing. He’s even had one team tell him they got 400% more done, but that's not typical. Thanks to agile marketing more is getting done, because there isn’t any work being redone and the focus is on the right priorities.

2: Getting the right things done

Because you're working with sales, you're working with senior management to set the priorities, you're making sure with agile marketing that you're getting the right things done, and that's important.

3: Adapting to change

Part of our life today in marketing is that things change. We know that Google is going to change their PageRank algorithm in 2017. We don't know exactly how, but we know it's going to happen, and we need to be able to adapt to that change quickly and accurately, and we put processes in place in agile marketing to make sure that happens.

4: Improved communications

Itr’s Improved communications both within the marketing team and, probably even more important, outside the marketing team to sales and senior management.

By representing what we're getting done on something like a Kanban board, everybody can see exactly what marketing is working on, where it's at, and what they're getting done. And that is agile marketing in a nutshell.